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24 June 2021
Susan Leti collects her properties to leave her home following High Court Order eviction notice. [Photo Lachlan Eddie]

Failure to comply with Eviction Order left five families removed by force


FIVE families residing at Tasahe B west of Honiara were left homeless after they have been issued with an eviction order to leave there homes, Tuesday last week.

In a letter sighted by this paper, High Court Judge Justice Lawry had ordered the occupants to leave the fixed estate parcel number 191-002-75 on the 15th of this month.

However, the occupants failed to do so.

Due to their failure to vacate the land on the given date, the families have been issued another letter Tuesday this week.

According to the eviction notice, all settlers should vacate the land by 3pm, Tuesday.

The letter had stated that “Failing to comply, all their personal belonging will either be placed on the road site for them to pick their stuffs or alternatively delivered to either the White River Police Station or Central Police Station for safe keeping.”

After failing to comply, the families were forced out from their homes and their belongings were removed and left along the road site.

The action took the families by surprise because they claimed they have also applied for that land as well.

A spokesman for the families, an Indonesian national who is now a Solomon Islands citizen, Suwono said he had purchased the land from a local.

Our investigation however discovered that the local is not the legal owner, as he does not even have the title of the land under his name.

But Suwono said the action done to them was inappropriate as their homes were invaded during the night by a group of men believed to be sent by a local lawyer.

The local lawyer was said to be the new owner of the land.

It was understood that an eviction order was issued on the 1st of June for them to vacate without enforcement and genuinely asking the families to voluntarily do so.

But it was reported that with flexibility and enough time given to them since then and after several visits to the site, the order was not adhered to.

A couple who was also removed from their rented home told this paper that they will need to find a new home before they can take their belongings with them.

The challenge ahead will be tough for us, they said.

“The process in securing a new house to rent is going to be our next challenge.

“I think they should give us more time to vacate this property because the date given was very short,” they told the Solomon Star when interviewed.

Newsroom, Honiara