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Vahia: Buala wharf a top priority

24 June 2021
Isabel Provincial Deputy Premier, Tony Vahia speaking at the event.

ISABEL Provincial Deputy Premier Tony Vahia and the people of Isabel want to see the National Government and the responsible authority fix or just build them a new wharf on Buala.

Vahia highlighted in his speech at town-ground in Honiara to mark the Isabel Provincial 2nd Appointed Day belated celebration for Isabelians living and working in Honiara.

In his 20 page speech yesterday, Vahia highlighted Isabel province achievement and the ongoing challenges their provincial executives and their people face every day.

“Another area of concern by my government and the province as a whole is the current status of the Buala wharf which is rapidly deteriorating,” he said.

Vahia further stated that there was an assurance to them for maintenance and upgrade by donor partners,

He added various visit and site assessment were already done by the technical officers from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and other donor partners.

The design of the proposed upgrade was also made available to them.

“After such assurance made to my government is sad to learn that nothing has been done until now,” Vahia told hundreds of Isabel people attending the event yesterday.

Vahia confirmed that this is still their priority and they need the current national government to take note and quickly address this concern.

The belated 2nd Appointed Day celebration will go along with the popular Grereo festival till 23rd June 2021.

Newsroom, Honiara