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Suidani’s return to celebrate big day in doubt

21 July 2021
Daniel Suidani.

THE chances for the Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani to attend the Malaita 38th second appointed day this year on home soil is still unclear.

Speaking to Solomon Star Auki in an exclusive interview from Brisbane in Australia where he is currently undergoing 14 days quarantine, Suidani said his chances to attend the Malaita day, depends on the date of the flight from Brisbane to Honiara.

Malaita’s Second Appointed day falls on the 15th of August.

The Malaita Premier since leaving Taiwan after his successful medical treatment has spent the last seven days in quarantine in Brisbane.

This means he has seven more days to go before he could be released from quarantine to fly back into the country.

The Premier is expected to be released from the quarantine on the 27th of this month and is expected to board the next flight to Honiara on the 30th of this month.

Another 14 days under quarantine in Honiara means the Premier will be released from quarantine on 13 August which is just two day before the Malaita second appointed day.

If the planned travel dates worked out well, it will be possible for the Premier to attend the Malaita day.

However, any changes in the date of the Brisbane Honiara flight scheduled for 30th July to a later date will see the Premier missing out on the Malaita day celebration.

If he is going to miss this year’s Malaita Day, this will be the first since he was elected as the Malaita Premier in July of 2019.

According to information gathered from the Malaita public, most Malaitans want to see Premier Suidani present to address the Malaita public in this year’s Malaita Day.

With that, Premier Suidani said he is hoping to celebrate the Malaita second appointed day 2021 in his home province with his people.

Auki News Bureau