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21 July 2021
Hon Chacha Bule Amoi with PRC Officials during a visit to the constituency over the weekend. [Photo supplied]

Marovo constituents soon to benefit from fiberglass boats

About one hundred and sixty fiberglass boats are currently being constructed in Marovo, Western Province that will benefit fishermen and women of Marovo Constituency.

The modelled fiberglass boats are currently in production stage at Dokudola Industrial site in the Marovo Lagoon, a statement from Government Communication Unit said.

Recipients will also receive outboard motor (OBM) engines to power the fiberglass boats as early as November this year, it was revealed.

“About one hundred and sixty OBM engines with fiberglass boats are being prepared for delivery to constituents,” the statement said.

“They are expected to be completed and delivered before November this year.

“The outboard motor project is aimed at helping Marovo constituents into commercial fishing to improve their livelihoods,” the statement explained.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Marovo Constituency Chachabule Amoi said this is one of the income generating projects that is given to his people since he became their MP two and half years ago.

Mr Chachabule said his Constituency Committee is committed to work together and assist the people of the constituency to deliver income generating and infrastructure projects through the Constituency Development Fund, CDF.

He said some of the projects delivered to constituents so far included distribution of 1000 sets of 100 Watts Solar Lighting system, electrification and upgrade of Seghe Hospital, roofing iron and building materials for residential homes and the construction of the Chea Wharf by the national government, which is about to commence soon.

Mr Chachabule further added that Peoples Republic of China (PRC) component of the CDF allocated for this year would be fully committed to water supply, sanitation, and income generating projects in the Marovo Constituency.

He thanked the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement, DCGA and PRC for kind assistance in the delivery of the development projects to the people of Marovo Constituency.