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22 July 2021
A settler easily taking down his house at Lungga following a High Court eviction order. [Photo: Follet John]

Home owners begin dismantling their homes on Lunga land


SQUATTERS occupying a land believed to be owned by a private businessman in the Lungga area, East Honiara are slowly dismantling their homes.

This followed a High Court eviction order issued in September last year.

However, since the order was made, there was no sign of people moving out.

Instead the number of people moving into area have increased and started building their homes.

Last week police, accompanied by the Sheriff of the High Court arrived at the scene to further enforce the order. 

A number of structures were taken down. 

The settlers are occupying a tract of land said to be owned by businessman, George Wu, who had sought and received a High Court eviction order to have them removed from his land.

Their (home owners) only hope to remain there is a fresh application to stay the initial High Court eviction order issued on 18th September last year. 

The new application was filed on Monday.

The Solomon Star visited the area and spoke to one of the settlers.

The man said families have begun taking down their houses in compliance with the High Court Order.

“A High Court Sheriff and Police officers returned to the site on Monday to see if the people were willing to remove their houses rather than being forced to do so. We have since then been slowly taking down our houses,” the man said.

He said Police would be continuing to check on them daily.

The man said lawyers representing the settlers on Monday submitted a fresh application to stay the eviction, but added the High Court is yet to hear the application.

“This may be our last hope for now, but if nothing happens then we just have to move out from the site.”

Amongst those who own properties on the land is the Member of Parliament (MP) for West Kwaio, Titus Fiika.

He told Solomon Star last week that he and others were simply developing parcels of land which have not been developed for more than 36 years.

“We are Solomon Islanders. We have moved in here to develop the land, which has been left untouched for many, many years,” he said. 

The MP owns one of three ‘executive’ houses in the area.


Newsroom, Honiara