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Police thank families of victim in recent assault incident

Police in the Western Province have commended relatives of a victim in a recent assault incident for not taking the law into their own hands but allowing the matter to go before the court.

Victim’s father unhappy with Garland

FATHER of the 24 year old local who was a victim in the Trevor Garland alleged sexual assault case says that he is really disappointed with Mr Garland and wants authority to investigate and make sure he fully meets consequences.

Police News Update

Slight drop in reported traffic cases in Honiara
27 plus crocs killed so far by RSIPF

In court with Assumpta Buchanan

* Rape accused remanded
* Lad detained for misleading officer
* Manelusi denies allegation
* Prosecution to decide Kouvare break-in case

10 bed arrangement intact

THE Ministry of Health and Medical Services has remained tight-lipped over the sexual assault of a 24 year old local patient at St. Vincent Hospital in Sydney Australia.

Taro relocation plan remains a priority

Although the Taro Township Relocation Plan is behind the expected schedule, it still remains the Province’s top project priority.

Be Happy Ministry acknowledges Manele for financial support

BE Happy Ministry man Mambo Fangaria acknowledges Jeremiah Manele for the financial support to continue on his earthly ministry.

Follower of the controversial church leaders speaks out

A follower of the controversial church leader Kemuel Kaleni has labeled him as a liar after he came out publicly in the local media last week and defended himself.

God must be loved for Himself

Welcome to the ‘Thought for the Week’ column as we venture into this New Year, 2018. Last week, we read and hear from all media outlets of a leader of a cult movement who made a prophecy to his followers and not fulfilled. The leader of this so-called movement and others similar movements used the name of religion to promise great wealth and prosperity to their followers.  The movement is founded on a cargo cult mentality. It is a mindset far from the biblical teachings of Christianity, yet so appealing to many people today.

Sir Thomas renews call to develop the economy

Prominent Honiara Businessman and the President of the United Democratic (UDP) Party Sir Thomas Chan is calling on the national government to look into new ways Solomon Islands can develop their resources to grow the economy.

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