Editor - Solomon Star News


The Lengo traditional dances

Dear Editor - It is apparent that there are no more traditional dances survived with my Lengo people. You can hardly see them performed in our national celebrations and in other important events that took place in or around our communities.

Skyline promises

Dear Editor - The so called Skyline Investment Group is nothing more than a 'fund raising' effort to raise funds in mainland China.

Pot holes

Dear Editor - Firstly, Gary ought to be praised in highlighting pot holes around Tongs building which finally led to repair.

Essential role of women’s resource centre

Dear Editor - Throughout the Solomon Islands there are a number of Women's Resource Centres (WRC’s) that play a considerable role in addressing the many issues that affect women, and often girls, in today's society.

Solomon pijin sotkats

While English is the official language of the Solomon Islands, Pijin is clearly the ‘unofficial’ national language.

MP’s greed and shame

Dear Editor - Voters of the North West Choiseul constituency cannot access any form of assistance unless they are in the voters’ list in the hands of their MP.

Help for hospital

Dear Editor - The pledge of S1.13 Million from the Republic of China (ROC) Government for the refurbishing of the National Referral Hospital in support of better medical services is welcome news indeed and compliments the aid from the New Zealand Government with the Eye Centre facility, recently opened.

Timber auditing

Dear Editor – As one who has long advocated for anti-corruption measures in the Solomon Islands and supported the DCCG’s policy intentions on the creation of an Independent Commission Against Corruption it was encouraging to read a recent Radio New Zealand International news report which stated:

SSPM scam rumour

Dear Editor – It is now a big concern to people of this country regarding the current issues surrounding the suspected scam dealings by SSPM and other cabinet Ministers.

DCCG turns paranoid

Dear Editor – It is becoming clearer to the general public that this representative government   (DCCG) willfully chooses to remain paranoid amidst all the revelation of their controversial decisions made since they took over leadership on December 2014.