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National 7s players support Tuwai as he farewells wife

SILENT tears were shed as he bade his wife a final farewell.Pio Tuwai cut a solemn figure, watching the last mound of earth hurled over her casket.

More than 100 apply for All Whites coach's job

OFC: An All Whites head coach will be appointed by the end of this month - and the new man may not necessarily be based in this country.

World consumer day

Dear Editor - It was my pleasure to attend the celebrations for World Consumer Rights Day in Gizo on 28 May, organised by the Ministry for Commerce.

Treatment of girls & women

Dear Editor - I would be most grateful if you would publish the following comments in your Solomon Star.

Responding to someone

Responding to someone called, John Vilivata of Honiara, Skyline.

Helen beats disability to achieve her dream

At the age of seven, Helen Teioli lost her left leg in a tragic car crash in Honiara that left her in a very difficult situation.

LISTENING in to the radio waves all across the country you can hear their singles dominate the airwaves, pretty much having the same impact and effect as all other popular artists in Honiara.

Democrats win highest ballot for Papua in Indonesian elections

The Democratic Party garnered the most votes for the House of Representatives in Papua with a total of 700,150 votes out of 2,949,189 valid votes.

Atrocities in West Papua revealed

Indonesian security forces intentionally killed and raped children along with a large number of civilians at a massacre on the West Papuan island of Biak, a tribunal has found.

NZ police training in West Papua on hold

The Indonesian government has temporarily scrapped a controversial New Zealand-run police training programme for officers involved in the military occupation of West Papua.