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Suva company to install solar in Tuvalu

01 April 2014

A Suva based company has been awarded a contract to help install solar systems in three Tuvalu islands.

The clean and sustainable source of energy will allow the Government of Tuvalu to save up to 120,000 litres of diesel a year translating into a savings of $AUD200,000.

The Government of Tuvalu, the European Union and CBS Power Solutions signed the contract today.

The three islands to benefit from this are Nukulaelae, Nukufetau and Nui in Tuvalu.

The project will also include a fully functioning demonstration system in Funafuti.

The photo voltaic systems aim to extend the availability of electricity in the outer islands from the current 18 hours per day to 24 hours.

This will be achieved by integrating the systems with the local mini-grids, currently powered through 100% diesel fuelled generators.

Fijian-based CBS Power Solutions were awarded the contract after an open international tender process led by the Government of Tuvalu amounting to more than $AUD2 million.

The project is funded by the European Development Fund (EDF), in the framework of the EU Energy Facility.

It is part of the EU-New Zealand Energy Access Partnership, which follows on the Pacific Energy Summit that took place in Auckland in March last year.

Suva (Fiji TV)