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Development of Pacific media

31 March 2014

DEVELOPING professionalism in the region's media sector is one of the main objectives of the Pacific Islands News Association, says PINA president Moses Stevens.

Despite the many challenges faced by the organisation, Mr Stevens said this level of professionalism would empower Pacific Island people to share their own stories to the world.

He was speaking at the business media summit held in Sydney last week.

"We have seen graduates coming out with certificates and Masters but the opportunities are not enough — we see those people working in other fields.

"If funds are made accessible to those people, they could create their own news mediums where it's the traditional way or be it online.

"They become employers themselves and create job opportunities in the media sector. I believe we could create a media family environment in the Pacific through educational advocacy on the role of the media."

He said the establishment of more news information outlets would mean more chances for people to gather information from different perspectives.

Suva (Fiji Times)