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Little done with Singaporean connection

04 August 2014

SINGAPORE is a country Papua New Guinea could tap into for trade and investment opportunities, an official says.

Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Richard Maru, during his recent visit to Singapore,   urged the National Government to invest in its growing relationship with Singapore.

Despite having a diplomatic office in Singapore, he became aware that no bilateral meetings were done between the two countries in the past twelve months.

He said he had discussions with his counterpart to enhance the bilateral relationship between Singapore and PNG during a three day visit there.

“I was the first minister to actually go and hold a bilateral meeting with a colleague in Singapore. Now this means that our government is not connecting with Singapore. 

“We cannot just hope that by establishing a high commission, we will have a strong relationship with Singapore. It’s important that our ministers and heads of public service must make an attempt to connect with Singapore.”

Port Moresby (The National)