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Simberi mine promotes safety among communities

02 April 2014

ST Barbara’s Simberi operations in New Ireland has focused on community involvement to promote the national safety week which ended last Friday.

Health and Safety superintendent Daan Van Pletzen said the company was putting more stress on schools around the island.

Activities on Simberi began the previous Sunday, which saw nine different departments in the mining area showcase activities involved in the day to day mining operations.

Van Pletzen said schools on the island were given the opportunity to tour each booth of the nine departments to have a fair idea on what the operation was about.

He said workers had learnt from other departments.

“We do safety talks with the students on emergency situations and also let them know and understand our operations on the island,” Van Pletzen said.

All mines in the country participated to promote safety programmes and safety initiative carried out in each of the mining camps around the country.

Van Pletzen said the main purpose of this celebration was to educate and remind people of the importance of safety at their work places.

As part of the event, a boat safety campaign awareness was conducted last Saturday for the communities, to remind them of the tragic boat accident which occurred recently.

“Safety talk will be provided for the local community because we basically focus on the safety of local travel”.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, mining manager Ivan Mori said every individuals and team members must constantly practice and display the right attitude towards safety so it becomes part and lifestyle of all.

“I want every individual here to know that your personal attitude and effort are valued and counted in the interest of safety and production here at Simberi,” Mori said.

Port Moresby (The National)