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SI big day celebrated in Wellington

Pan pipes, dancers, art, food and music filled the Wellington venue on Friday 18th July for the first official celebration of Solomon Islands National Day in Wellington, New Zealand.

Finance pressured to release funds

Renbel premier Lence Tango has been accused of pressurising the ministry of finance and treasury to release a sum of $20,000 to host the  Renbel  second appointed  in Bellona today.

SI to lead the region in tackling severe acute malnutrition

Solomon Islands will lead the region in tackling severe acute malnutrition (SAM) following a first ever training on integrated management in the country and the region starting yesterday.

PAP to introduce nationalization policy

The People’s Alliance Party (PAP) says an Alliance Party government will introduce a nationalization policy to empower Solomon Islanders to retake commerce from foreign hands.

Empowering our future leaders

What a leader looks like and the importance of women’s political participation will be the focus on two events run by UN Women in Honiara this week in partnership with VOIS Blong Mere and US Embassy.

Rotary team making sustainable developments in Munda region

Munda’s Helena Goldie Hospital and numerous schools in the Vona Vona and Roviana regions recently received an impressive facelift courtesy of a 26-person team of skilled Australian workers and donors.

EU support to gender, good governance

EUROPEAN Union (EU) has been supporting Solomon Islands through the promotion of good governance and gender issues in the past years will continue to do so.

No cardiovascular benefits of alcohol

The verdict is in: there are no health benefits to drinking alcohol.

Taiwanese volunteers here to promote health

FIVE medical students from Taiwan last week spent time at Visale community high school in North West Guadalcanal to conduct health promotional talks.

Local schoolgirls to take the ‘clean-up’ message online

Having successfully launched its ‘Keep the Solomon Islands Tidy’ campaign with two high profile clean-up operations in Honiara, the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) ‘Green Team’ has now taken its message online with the help of two local schoolgirls.

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