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PM now in Palau for top regional summit

PRIME Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo landed in Palau last night in time for today’s opening of the 45th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting.

Speaker dismisses claims

Speaker to parliament, Sir Allan Kemakeza has outrageously dismisses claims that he admitted his election candidacy during a visit to his people in Savo Island despite earlier clarified that he did not.

Accused urged to seek lawyer

One of the two accused who cashed a government cheque of more than $50,000 has been asked to find a lawyer to mitigate for him in court.

Maelanga to Bellona for big day

A high level delegation from government led by the acting Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga will be attending the Rennell and Bellona 2nd Appointed Day celebration today in Bellona.

Bobongi back to court in August

The trial on the case of the former Central Bank employee Philip Bobongi will resume in the High Court in August.

Gov't on new police chief

Questions over whether or not the newly appointed police commissioner Frank Prendergast of Australia will take up his new role is still unclear since he has a case to answer in the Australian Federal Court.

Our High Commissioner making her mark in NZ

THE FIRST female High Commissioner for the Solomon Islands, Her Excellency Joy Kere, is not intimidated by her position or the tasks that lie ahead.

New hearing date for market murder case

A new hearing date will be fixed for the four men who allegedly murdered a young diplomat in 2012 outside of the Honiara Central Market.

Witness changes testimony

The defence has yesterday grilled a prosecution’s witness who changed her story in court during the trial in relation to the murder of a man at Lungga, East Honiara in 2010.

Alarm bells as diabetes forecast points to rise in cases

Twenty- One years from now, the incidence of diabetes among Fiji's population could be 50 per cent, equating to a ratio of one diabetic patient for every healthy person.

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