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  • Jun

On the matter of the One Link $300,000.00 missing in Police Custody TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands calls for the application of the law of this country across the Board. 

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  • Jun

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) as do other concerned citizens of Solomon Islands urges the government not to leave the youths hanging in the air, unemployed looking for any opportunities of employment and where they could access the information, they need to present their plight constructively to the government. 

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  • Jun

“Deo Hits Back”, the title of the article by Deo Harorimana portrays attempts by a guilty person trying to water down the issues raised against him and his partner Salome Kwaiga for exploiting local business people in the country to enrich themselves. 

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  • Jun

I WANT to debunk many allegations levelled against AIPF: “only moving ships cause waves...” We have reviewed most allegations and we have concluded they lack substance and reason. None the less, we wish to offer (without prejudice) our take on the topics thus far: 

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  • Jun

I wish to express my view concerning the switch of allegiance to PRC and his stand in Malaita as a Province (state) and a Nation (sovereign people).

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  • May

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) supports the call by the Prime Minister (PM) Manasseh Sogavare warning private companies and individuals who made private arrangements for flights and vessel entry into Solomon Islands without consulting and/or seeking the approval of the Covid-19 Oversight Committee.

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  • Mar

IN 2019 a 22-year-old Solomon Islander diagnosed with type 2 diabetes presented to the eye clinic with eye complications of diabetes called neovascularization retinopathy, a severe form of diabetic retinopathy. Her family was able to send her to Australia at that time for the urgent treatment of the blinding eye condition in a desperate bid to save whatever sight she was left with. 

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  • Feb

Government contracting and procurement is now at a level that should alarm the people of Solomon Islands.

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  • Feb

The fallout from last Wednesday’s election of the Secretary-General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat does not come as a surprise to me. We had been warned that if the Forum leaders did not seek to stick to what has always been an unwritten convention and agreement there would be repercussions.

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  • Feb

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) strongly condemned the alleged stealing of more than $300,000 under police custody, by an officer within the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF).

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