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  • 14
  • Jul

Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) commends and strongly supports the call by the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition group Hon. Matthew Wale, public and social media for the Attorney General (AG) Mr. John Muria Jnr to remove himself from dealing with Robson Djokovic’s case.

  • 13
  • May

In Search of Responsive, Responsible, Transparent and Accountable Leadership – COVID 19 Misuse and Abuse of Entrusted Power under SOE

  • 30
  • Apr

If ever the world needed a reminder of the critical importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is it.  The coronavirus knows nothing of national boundaries, race, religion, nationality, or politics.  We are at risk simply because we are human. But we can – and we will – defeat this virus using the strengths that respect for human rights gives us.    

  • 24
  • Apr

Transparency Solomon Islands supports the measures put in place to keep COVID 19 from entering the country. For this to be successful everyone coming into the country for whatever reason and in whatever mode be it plane or ship, boat, big or small, the law must be applied and complied by all.

  • 16
  • Apr

AS the global coronavirus death toll continues to accelerate, countries are enacting emergency policies to get critical medical supplies to treat their citizens – fast. 

  • 15
  • Apr

IN January this year, the government has “established a high level, multi-sector Corona Virus Oversight Committee, chaired by the Secretary to Cabinet to assess and to coordinate the response to the Corona Virus threat to the country according to the National Address presented by the Hon Prime Minister.

  • 07
  • Apr

Transparency Solomon Islands commends and congratulates the Central Islands Province for its 2018/19 Financial Statement clean audit report as reported in the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening press release of 6th March 2020.  Congratulations and well-done Central Islands Province. 

  • 07
  • Apr

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands is greatly saddened by the tragedy of the 27 people that went overboard as they comply with the measures that were announced by the Executive Government, going home to their province to be safe from COVID 19. 

  • 27
  • Mar

COVID-19 is now present in the Pacific islands region. 

  • 20
  • Mar

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands lauds and commends the Ministry of Health and Medical Services in their tireless efforts towards protecting the Solomon Islands from the COVID- 19 pandemic that is affecting the countries of the world regardless of their development status. 

  • 09
  • Mar

Solomon Airlines new flagship, an Airbus A320, aptly named “Spirit of Solomons” arrived at Henderson International Airport on Saturday afternoon.

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