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  • Sep

     As the pro-Chinese emphatically exclaimed “Its China”, Island Sun headline last Tuesday said it all; “September 16 - A sad day”. 

Yes, I agree, it’s a sad day indeed.

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  • Sep

FIRST, if you think you would find justice in China, sorry; their justice system is nothing but a big bluff rubber stamp of the Communist Party of China(CPC).

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  • Jun

Why is Transparency Solomon Islands so concerned about good governance, focusing its advocacy activities on [1] civic awareness, [2] active citizenship/citizens, [3] fight against and rolling back corruption, [4] people engagement, [5] democracy, [6] empowering citizens with information on their relationships and linkages to the three arms of the government, [7] supporting people’s activism, [8] human rights and [9] providing free legal services and advice?

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  • Apr

As we celebrate to Easter Vigil, we are entering the most crucial and mysterious period of time.  On the part of the disciples and those who were close to Jesus, it was a time of confusion, a time of loneliness, doubts, and uncertainties. But more than this, it is a time of darkness and death. Jesus is dead…Jesus is in darkness. God is dead…God is in darkness.

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  • Jan

THE Chief Electoral Officer, Mose Saitala, announced on Tuesday’s paper that the Governor General will make the Proclamation/Announcement of the date of election on the 5th of February 2019. 

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  • Dec

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands is deeply concerned that the Traditional Governance and Customs Facilitation Bill 2018 is currently in its second reading before the Parliament.

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  • Oct

OVER the last two years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many Solomon Islanders during my travels outside Honiara.

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