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National healing

Media writers have side tracked the focus of my intention towards National Healing, even so I still maintain my belief that these TRUTHS which my questions seek to know are permanent elements for true and lasting reconciliations.

Sikua vs Soga

Dear Editor - Veteran politicians mudslinging on media. The political trait displayed by Dr Sikua has sunken to a new low, a deplorable ebb indeed.

ADB highlights private sector as driver of growth


More private sector investment is needed to sustain growth and create jobs in Fiji, Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Vice President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, Mr Bambang Susantono, told participants attending the Pacific Update Conference 2016.

Jahboy's PNG tour amazes fans

LOCAL renowned young musical artist Jahboy has amazed his fans in Papua New Guinea (PNG) during his show at the Sports Inn complex in Port Moresby (POM), over the weekend.

Kopu: Project to enhance productivity

THE Minister for Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) Duddley Kopu says small scale farm mechanization project is targeted at supporting the enhancement of productivity of land and labour in the country.

Community celebrate big day

TAKOI Catholic Community in west Guadalcanal has celebrated the remembrance of their patron saint “our Lady of Mount Carmel.”

Church celebrates its arrival here

SOUTH Sea Evangelical Mission (SSEM) which was renamed South Sea Evangelical Churches (SSEC) in the country celebrated its birthday over the weekend.

Youths told to further on their studies

Young Youth of Isunavutu (Fox Bay) Community in Guadalcanal over the weekend told to extend their study even though they left high school for some years or not qualified for the next step in their education.

The Benefits of growing through Adversity

In my presentation last week, we began to look at examples from the Bible on the benefits of growing through adversity. This week, we will continue to look at some more examples from the Bible to affirm to us the benefits of growing through adversity. We often resist God’s work in our lives. We shrink from the rod of God’s discipline instead of seeking to profit from it. We are more desirous of relief from adversity than we are of its benefits.

All Saints Mother’s Union end Ugi tour

A TOTAL of 36 members of All Saints Mothers Union Group, accompanied by the Trainer of the Girls’ Friendly Society ( DOCM) and three of their members have just returned back from a mission to the Island of Ugi, under the Diocese of Hanuato’o, Makira Province.