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Masked men attack shop-owner took off with cash

Court asked to take note of rebellious youth behaviour

THE Director of Public Prosecutions Ronald Bei Talasasa on Wednesday raises his concerns at the increasing rebellious behavour of youths nowadays.

Mbokona teachers touch hearts of flood victims

ABOUT 15 flood victims taking shelter at Mbokona School welfare centre in Honiara received donation of clothes from teachers of the school, Wednesday.

Relief for local students in PNG

MORE than 50 Solomon Islands student studying at the University of Technology in Lae, PNG, have renewed their hope to continue this academic year as embattled vice chancellor Dr Albert Schram from Australia is re-instated last week.

Killer banana fungus spreads

FEARS of a banana shortage have increased after the United Nations warned an incurable fungus could spread across the globe.

New project to address waste issues in Honiara

A PROJECT designed to address post disaster waste management issues in Honiara was launched this week.

Second dictionary workshop for Central Guadalcanal

TURARANA and Gold Ridge community members will be participating in a dictionary development workshop at Tetere Catholic Parish from 22 April to 2 May.

NPF investment proposals

Dear Editor – I wish to congratulate the Minister of Finance for rejecting the NPF Board’s new investment proposals.

Let’s keep the peace this festive season

THE festive season is definitely here.

Where’s Takana to load EMC projects?

Dear Editor - In 2013, something every East Makira Constituency people believed to be a blessing has come their way.