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We are not dreaming, Osiagalo

THE article by Elton Osiagalo carried in the Solomon Star issue #5954 dated Saturday 22nd August 2015 makes very interesting reading but unfortunately “lacks substance” and can only be summed up as “unconstructive and a classic example of one creating issues out of non-issues”.

Royalty payments

Dear Editor – Your newspaper carried a very interesting article on the APID saga with a screamer headline, which unfortunately (in my humble view) reduces your reputable paper to one of public ridicule.

TDP office

Dear Editor – We would like to respond to two articles that appeared in our local newspapers; one in the Island Sun on 18th August 2015 and the other in the Solomon Star on 20th August 2015, both complaining about the inactiveness of the Trade Disputes Panel (TDP).

$100,000 allocation for disaster unfair

Dear Editor – As the most affected constituency of Choiseul province, I’ve seen that the $100,000 allocation fund for disaster is unfair.

Same sex marriage

Dear Editor – I thank chief John Toki for raising the above in an article on your recent paper.

Tourism workshop at Bita’ama ends

A THREE days tourism operators’ training was organized at Bita’ama North Malaita last week.

Support for ADB project to put women in top jobs

NUKU’ALOFA, (ADB) - Tongan businesses and government agencies have embraced an opportunity to build the leadership potential of their female staff through participation in an Asian Development Bank (ADB) international training and mentoring project.

Tanagai to host next Catholic women’s gathering

Tanagai parish West of Honiara has been given the nod to be the next host of the Catholic women’s gathering in 2018.

Sick patients get help

Sick patients of Tangarare mini Hospital were glad to receive goods from the Catholic women of Kukum Parish in the Archdioceses of Honiara last weekend.

Creativity showcased at expo

THE first day of the Women’s Innovation Expo on Tuesday has seen quiet a large number of talented local women showcasing their products.