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New signings for Eels

HENDERSON Eels FC will sign three new players for the second round of the Telekom S-league (TSL).


Alex Waimora’s dream for change

MPAs reconciled

The Members of the Malaita Provincial government had conducted a low key reconciliation ceremony amongst themselves after the assembly meeting at the greenhouse on 23rd October in Auki.

Togamana: SI needs advanced nursing practice

Ministry of Health and Medical Services stated that ‘Nursing in Solomon Island needs to consider advanced nursing practices and extended nursing roles’.  

MARA to introduce new ordinances

Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani has announced that an amendment to the Malaita province Business License Ordinance was passed by the assembly in July 2020.


When is dishonesty theft?

Community leader urges tabling of MV Taimareho report in parliament

A West Are’Are Community leader is urging the Government to table the Report on the MV Taimareho disaster in Parliament, saying relatives of those who perished in the tragedy want closure so they can move on.

Maka’a assures Arosi 2 of better services

MAKIRA Ulawa Provincial Premier, Mr. Julian Maka’a has assured the people of Ward 5 in Arosi 2 of West Makira that his Government will struggle with them for better health services.

In court with Assumpta

* Men committed to High Court for trial
* Sentencing next for alleged attackers 

* Courts to resume normal next week

NZ assistance for CAASI hailed 

THE Civil Aviation Authority of Solomon Islands (CAASI) within the Ministry of Communication and Aviation is glad to receive assistance in the form of USB drives from the New Zealand High Commission Office in the Solomon Islands as part of its support following the burning down of the CAASI office earlier this year.

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