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Omokirio acknowledge his young players

KOLOALE FC head coach was impressed with the way his young players performed in the current HFA competition with absence of most of their senior players due to injuries.

3x3 Jam kicks off today

The High School Holiday 3x3 Jam is set for tomorrow Tuesday, June 30.

South East Vella cup kicks off

The 2015 South East Vella La Vella constituency cup will kick off today at Maravari village in Western province.

ACOMSIC Games kick off

2015 ACOMSIC Games kicked off Monday with a colourful parade into Lawson Tama stadium in Honiara.

Here’s news for NPF members

Board to declare interest rate today

African musician urges MSG to accept Papua

AN artist from Ghana, Africa,has called on all the Melanesian countries to accept West Papua into the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Fiji urged to champion West Papua MSG bid

AS the Fiji government seeks international support to be on the United Nations Human Rights Council, Civil Society Organisation in the region together with Fiji will make West Papua one of several key issues in which Fiji needs to demonstrate its credibility as a fair advocate on human rights violations.

Fiji backs MSG Peace-Keeping

FIJI supports a Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Peacekeeping Unit.

ACOM youth convention underway

An Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) youth convention is currently underway in Honiara with an official opening held at the Saint Nicholas College Hall on Monday.

Encouraging rural Guadalcanal producers

Dear Editor - It has been reported via the SIBC that some forty four rural producers in Guadacanal have joined forces to better involve themselves in the newly formed Honiara Central Market Vendors Association.