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KOSSA remains atop as Warriors slid two spots

The chase for the 2015 Honiara Football Association League (HFA) title for the premier division may have experienced some movements in the team positions but KOSSA remains in charge of the lead.

Training halts

Bad weather to be blamed for no training

Franchise deadline looms

Football clubs hoping to secure licences for next two seasons of the Telekom S-League have until Sunday 30th May to submit their applications or miss out of the country’s top football competition.

NSJC told not to expect too much

A sports fanatic, Adrian Mutu has lashed out to the National Selection and Justification Committee (NSJC) for the Pacific Games, saying they should not expect so much from athletes since they have not helped in putting in place proper and upgraded facilities for athletes to train in for the Games.

Aimela $4,000.000 richer

Aimela football club (FC) was crowned the 2015 Telekom sponsored soccer league in Auki, Malaita province.

Denominational barriers in SI

Dear Editor - It is quite disgusting and very provoking to learn of the so many arguments going on for more than 3 weeks regarding the Law & Grace Theology between the two theologians.

Thank you MP Auga

Dear Editor – Please publish this in your editorial section. The Member of Parliament for Lau Mbaelelea (Hon. Augustine Auga) is one of the MPs who realises investing in human resources as a priority.

Pastor Feratelia’s response to Hadi

Dear Editor - Pastor Feratelia’s erroneous scriptural articulation must be stopped. He is a saved man by faith in Christ alone – not by keeping the law and the commandments.

DCC closer to set up anti-corruption body

Dear Editor - The above caption on the SIBC online website captured my attention as soon as I got there (http://www.sibconline.com.sb/d-c-c-closer-to-establish-anti-corruption-body/).

North Malaita tourism lauds visit

THE North Malaita Tourism Association (NMTA) has acknowledged the visit by a high level delegation from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB).