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Ill-fated MV Francis-Gerena saga

Over the last few days the public, news media and the social network had produced, published and broadcasted so much fabricated information and news about the episode surrounding the recently ill-fated MV Francis-Gerena.

2013: Making Strides toward Sustainable Tuna

Across the globe, as populations soar, a growing number of people are relying on seafood for their nutrition and their livelihood.

Coral bands reflect Pacific Ocean 20-30 year climate swings

University of Queensland researchers have found physical evidence in Great Barrier Reef corals of a little-known, long-term climate pattern in the Pacific Ocean.

Into Melanesian minefield

Foreign Ministers of the Melanesian Spearhead Group are set to tip-toe through a diplomatic minefield with news that a MSG delegation – led by Fiji’s Ratu Inoke Kubuabola – will make its long-awaited visit to the Indonesian province of West Papua this week.

What’s next for Papua after the MSG diplomacy?

The 2013 Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) summit undoubtedly marked a historic moment on the long journey of Papua’s international diplomacy.

Five years after the global financial crisis, the world economy is showing signs of bouncing back this year, pulled along by a recovery in high-income economies, says the World Bank’s latest Global Economic Prospects report, issued yesterday.

Split of the civil society groups

A SPLIT between two of the nation’s outspoken civil societies has widen.

Positively impacting community

Hopefully, part of your agreement with life involves improving parts of your community that need help.

On a whirl west trip

IMAGINE an invitation being extended to you to travel and spend your Christmas and New Year period out in the provinces with all traveling costs being paid for.

Goodbye lanterns, welcome solar

“DUSK is here, I need my lights on.”