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SIPA-Kurukuru deal intact

04 May 2016

DESPITE the removal of Collin Yow as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Solomon Islands Ports Authotrity (SIPA) the deal to support the national futsal side remains.

That's according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Neil Poloso.

He confirmed to Star Sports that the $2 million support by Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) for Kurukuru is secured.

Following the termination of Yow there have been public concern over the deal whether it is still valid or will  be terminated.

Yow was instrumental in facilitating the agreement with Kurukuru in their preparation for the Futsal World Cup in Colombia on September this year.

SIPA and the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) has signed the $2 million dollar pledge made by SIPA on February this year to support Kurukuru’s preparation for the World Cup.

“It was an agreement signed, thus it is secured,” Poloso said.

He also assured fans that they continue to receive financial assistance under this support from SIPA till today.

He said they believe that SIPA will continue its commitment to uphold this agreement despite the recent conflict that occurred between the SIPA board and the former CEO.

Comments were being sought from SIPA board Chairman Billy Titiulu yesterday but to no avail.

However, attempts will be made to get comments from him.