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What’s going on in Rugby?

04 May 2016

Rugby fans and supporters have lashed out at the Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation (SIRUF) and the Honiara Rugby Union Association (HRUA) and questioned why the head of the two organizations still hold on to power while their time in office has lapsed.

They claimed Peza Wickham is an over-due president for HRUA for the last three years has nothing to improve the sport of rugby, lacks appreciation of the people who play the sport of rugby, and demonstrates a no care attitude towards the Honiara rugby union association constitution which binds the affiliated rugby club members here in Honiara.

Frank Wickham president of SIRUF term in office according to SIRUF constitution was supposed to end as it was made mentioned of only two terms, and was endorsed and blessed by the international rugby board (IRB).

However Wickham was re-elected for his third term in office.

They said since the two headed SIRUF and HRUA they have not accomplished what was expected by many rugby fans and supporters in terms of development of rugby.

“We the rugby fraternity in this nation need to know what’s going on with SIRUF and the HRUA.

“Peza needs to clarify the overdue and why he still wants to be in power while he is not capable to the position.

“He is a very vocal leader with fail concept and reprehensible attitude, two different competitions which are on at the moment is the reflection of division, hatred and segregation among race and religion caused by these two calculating leaders.

“And as for Frank Wickham the SIRUF constitution made it clear that it only allow two terms in office and know he was re-elected back for a third term, did he amend the constitution?

“What has he left behind to constitute his eligibility for re-election for a third term and what has he achieved after being so vocal about previous leaderships before he took over the office?

“Can you explain your lack of good governance, accountability and transparency?

“SIRUF is among the few federations that received funds from their international federations, with huge amounts of money.

“Can you elaborate on IRB funds each year, town ground lease rentals and stakeholders assistances in every year?

“These are not reflected in the outcome of rugby union here in Solomon Islands.

They called on Frank and Peza to let go of the rugby management claiming they have been breaching the constitution and amend for the purposes of opportunity and support of their own comfortable living.

Attempts to get comments from Frank Wickham and Peza Wickham were unsuccessful yesterday.