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Tu Ata games end

11 July 2016

The Sikaiana communities in Honiara has concluded their annual sports get together episode known as Tu Ata Games.

This year was the fourth time they host their tourney which usually coincided with the country’s Independence Day.

A spectacular ceremony with a colourful prize presentation and cultural entertainments was staged over the weekend at the Sikaiana settlement at Read Beach, East Guadalcanal which officially marked their independence celebration with sports competitions.

Chief sponsor of the annual Tu Ata Games Robert Sisilo said this year’s tournament has been very successful in terms of crowd and behaviour of the participants of the competition.

“Our crowd has become bigger and better in terms of behaviour compared to past three Tu Ata Games,’’ he said.

Sisilo said the annual event has also become more commercial and business minded.

“I can see a lot of stalls and market trading occurred during our competition,’’ he said.

However, Sisilo said the most important thing for him and his wife, the get together is more important than everything.

“But for me and my further heart Priscila as the main sponsors of this games the get together is more important than anything else .

“Winning is not everything.

 “The most important thing in this Tu Ata Games is the get together.

“I think this time is a convenient time of the year when we as a people come together to share  common heritage as well as to play with a good sportsmanship sprit and to celebrate the country’s 38th Independence Day,’’ he said.

 He also acknowledged every participating teams, fans and supporters who took their time out from their busy schedules to attend the Tu Ata Games.

In response a woman rep thanked Sisilo and his wife for sponsoring the games which enabled people of Sikaiana from all works of life to come together and enjoy sporting activities.

Meanwhile winners of the Tu Ata Games 2016 include the champions in the premier football competition; Nikolo scooped a trophy together with a cash prize of $5000, followed by Taloa with a cash prize of $3000 and Hale with $2000 for the third prize.

For women’s premier netball competition, Fish Market netball team returned their title second time in a row.

They walked away with a trophy together with a cash prize of $5000, followed by Hale Green with cash prize of 3000 and Tewila scooped $2000 cash for third spot.

In the men’s volleyball challenge, All Stars 1 & 2 claimed both first and second prizes.

All Stars 1 claimed the trophy along with $3000, All Stars 2 took $2000 while Tewila were $2000 richer for claiming the third position.

In the women’s volleyball category, Hale was crowned champion after edging Babahaero in the grand final.

Hale claimed a trophy together with $30000, seconded by Babahaero with a cash prize of $2000 while Te Manu received $1000 cash.

For Dart, Sharon snatched a trophy with $1000 cash followed by John who received $700 and Penny grabbed $500 cash as third prize of the newly introduced sport for this year’s games.  

Consolations prizes were also awarded to best players in all sports categories.

Meanwhile the Tu Ata Games will continue next year.