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02 August 2017

Sogavare underscores significance of hydro

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare says the government has secured $1.6 billion for the construction of the Tina River Hydro Dam.

He revealed this in his keynote address at the Guadalcanal Province second appointed day on Tuesday at Lela Beach.

“The Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) has secured $1.6 billion for the constructions of the Tina River Hydro Dam,” Mr Sogavare told guests.

He added the Tina River Hydro Dam project is one of the major investments the DCCG has set as a priority project.

“This represents one of the largest investments that any government of the Solomon Islands has embarked upon,” Mr Sogavare stated.

The prime minister said like any other projects, landowners will be benefiting from the Tina River Hydro Dam investment.

“As part of the incentives surrounding the project, the landowners of the Core Tina Area will be provided with shareholding portfolios after the government clears all its financial obligations surrounding the project.

“This is so landowners know that their contribution to the project is seen as their investment capital in the project and that they will be reaping benefits of their investment for years to come.

“This is a significant investment project and I call on our people to cherish and be proud that they host the first major Hydro Project in the Solomon Islands,” Mr Sogavare said.

He said as Guadalcanal people celebrate their second appointed day, they should be proud of their contribution to the national development of the nation.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Guadalcanal for contributing immensely to the development of our country.

“You stand out as a shining example to other provinces that we can only move this country forward when our people work in partnership with the government by allowing our land for national development to take place,” he stated.

Speaking of land, Mr Sogavare assured the people of Guadalcanal his government is trying its best to address the land issue in the national capital.

“The government is also reminded to be a worthy partner with our people by addressing the land issues around Honiara, and in this regard we take the concern raised by your premier and your members of parliament very seriously.

“We are confident that our land restitution policy, which is still being developed under our comprehensive land reform should address our people’s concern in this regard,” he explained.

He further stated that the state government system is work in progress and the final draft of the new constitution should be handed to him very soon.

Mr Sogavare was the guest of honour at the Guadalcanal Province 2nd Appointed Day held at Lela Beach, Tuesday.