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Taekwondo releases training squad

29 January 2019


THE Solomon Islands Taekwondo Union (SITU) has released the names of athletes for the training squad, in preparation for the upcoming Pacific Games in Samoa this year.

The training squad comprises of, 22 men and 12 women.

According to Instructor and coach, Derick Afu these athletes were selected from the previous Solomon Games and some recent competitions held in Honiara.

He said there will be some more inclusions from some clubs who are yet to confirm which athletes to be part of the training squad.

The training squad will undergo intensive training before the final selection is made in April.

The final team will comprise of eight men and eight women athletes.

Meanwhile, a very important meeting for all selected athletes is scheduled to take place today 5pm, at the multipurpose Hall.

All are strongly urged to attend.

For any queries, please call the Head coach Derick Afu on phone 7476045. 


David Wane (AISO), Fletcher Ross (HU), JNR Maetia(Focus), Isaac Pat Myrie (JD), Joseph Gilo (Focus), Cecil Deimana (YUN), Herick Henry (HU), Charles Arere (Focus), Patterson John (AISO), David Leong (Focus), Harrison Gilo (Focus), Henry Jnr Kisita (HU), Alick Delly (AISO), Eistern Mulele (Focus), JNR Gwali, Jack Aenaási(HU), Zhino Maetia(AISO), Donald Joseph (AISO), Greg Sikala (AISO), Willie Ika (HU), Clyde S Rika (AISO), Scoth D Allen (AISO) and Chris Tafoa(Royal SI)

Sandra Nuala (AISO), Heyline Satini (HU), Crystal Hagie (HU), Janet Tatafata (AISO), Margaret Dongai (AISO), Mary T Ramoi (AISO), Zevinia Lese (Focus), Margaret Alick (AISO), Emily Kwoaetolo (AISO), Ruth Riropo (AISO), Shannon Nuala (AISO) and Monica Kasi(HU).