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Kurukuru’s new coach here

06 February 2019
Vinicius De Carvalho Leite.

THE National Futsal team Kurukuru has welcomed its Brazilian coach, Vinicius De Carvalho Leite who arrived in the country, Tuesday.

Coach ‘Vinnie’ as commonly known arrived yesterday along with Alexandre Argolo, a Strength and Conditioning coach.

Both coaches are looking forward to work with the Oceania champions with high hopes and expectations though they admitted it is a big test for them.

“It’s going to be a big test ahead for us both coaches and the players and we look forward to it.

“My expectations are the highest and the best possible.

“This is a winning team but you’re only as good as the next game and win the next tournament.

“What they’ve done in the past is in the past, they achieved some great results in the past but now we have to move forward because the other teams are preparing harder to strengthen their squad, bring in new coaches so they are evolving and we have to do the same.

“We can’t rely on what we have achieved in the past we need to keep looking forward that’s why I brought a new coaching staff, Alexandre Argolo a Strength and conditioning coach who worked with the best clubs in Brazil and Bayern Munich in Germany and I think he will help take Kurukuru to the next level.

“We need to start thinking about getting out of the group stage at the World Cup not just qualifying to get there, to get to the World Cup is a dream we can reach but our goal now is to get out of the group stage.

“I want to thank SIFF and the players for making this happen,” he said.

Vinnie said it is a dream come true to coach a winning team like Kurukuru.

He came to know the Kurukuru team in 2016 when he was invited by the then Kurukuru coach, Juliano Schmeling to be part of the Kurukuru coaching staff.

Kurukuru captain, Elliot Ragomo welcomed the two coaches to be part of Kurukuru and vowed to work with them to achieve Kurukuru’s goals.

“Welcome to the Solomon Islands, thank you Vinnie and Argolo to come and be part of Kurukuru.

 “I think it’s the right time for Vinnie to come and lead Kurukuru.

“We the Kurukuru team really looks forward and are prepared to work with the two coaches

“We want to do well and compete to a whole new level.

“I believe very strongly what Vinnie can do because I have seen and have worked with him.

Kurukuru’s goal is to once again qualify for the World Cup and go past the group stage

Ragomo added it is time for Kurukuru to make a big change and they believe that change will come about with the help of the two coaches.

The duo will help Kurukuru with the preparation for the OFC Futsal Championship in New Caledonia.

The OFC Futsal championship is schedule for September 12 to October 30.

The winner will represent Oceania at the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Lithuania.