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Positive start for Eels, Laugu

16 September 2019
Adrian Mara of KOSSA FC and an Eels player challenge for the ball.

HENDERSON EELS FC and new comers Laugu FC made positive start to their Telekom S-League (TEL) campaign after notching their first win in their opening matches at the Lawson Tama Stadium on Sunday.

Eels caused the first upset for KOSSA FC with a 3-0 win while Laugu eased their way past FC Guadalcanal with a 3-1 win to register their first win of their debut.

Yesterday’s opening match was the highlight of the day as two of TSL’s top teams battle each for the first three points.

It was an equally fought match as both teams searched of the opening goal in the first 20 twenty minutes.

KOSSA had very good opportunities which if had been utilized well could have made a different outcome.

The Eels defense and custodian Anthony Talo was on alert and tightened their defense following a series of tough runs upfront by the KOSSA forwards.

Despite having the opening chances, it was Eels who found the back of the net to make it 1-0 at half time.

KOSSA with more determination returned in the second half searching for the equalizer.

Eels maintained their consistency, moving the ball around and slipped their way past the KOSSA defense to extend the lead with another two goals.

KOSSA continued to search for a goal despite trailing behind in goals but they were faced with a tougher task when Captain Joachim Waroi was red carded leaving them with only 10 players.

Eels coach Eddie Marahare was impressed with their opening match result and hopes to maintain their top form for their upcoming matches.

“I’m impressed with how the team played today (yesterday) and registered the first three points. 

“The boys played according to the game plan that was put in place for them, they executed the plan well.

 “A win against a tough side as KOSSA who is one of the top contenders for the season’s title, it’s a good start for us.

“I think the advantage we have against KOSSA is fitness, confidence and the fact that we have been together as a team for the past month so the players are quite well versed with each others’ play style,” Marahare said.

KOSSA FC’s coach Vivian Wickham said it was a good match however admitted they were punished for their missed chances and lack of strong play from their midfielders and forwards.

“During the first 20 minutes, my boys did really well with very good chances.

“After that, a few players tend to play out of the game plan which started to see the game taking a different turn to what was expected.

“We also missed very good chances and when you have a man short against a good side like Eels, of course you will get punished.

“But I think Henderson Eels deserved to win today (yesterday) because they won the midfield battles and also upfront. 

“Our forwards and midfielders were very poor although our defenders they did reasonably well.

“Things got tough when we were a man down.

“After all it’s a game, things happen but we are happy that we have a lot of takeouts from the match and we will work on them,” he said.

The day’s second match saw Laugu FC registered their first win of the debut with a convincing 3-1 against FC Guadalcanal.

Laugu led 2-0 in the first half and added their third goal later in the second half while FC Guadalcanal managed only a goal.