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NFs demand urgent NOCSI meeting

26 September 2019

NATIONAL Sports Federations have demanded the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) to convene an extra ordinary general meeting within 14 days starting on September 23rd 2019.

According to a statement signed by the 14 federations, the meeting will be held to discuss alleged corruption charges against NOCSI officials.

The federations call for NOCSI officials to step down from their posts to allow for the re-election of new members following allegations of corruption.

“We the undersigned National Federations hereby give you 14 days to call for an extra ordinary general meeting.

“We also would like to call on the NOCSI president, NOCSI general secretary, athletics commissioner, weightlifting president, head of women in sport and the chef de mission for the recent Pacific Games in Samoa to step down regarding corruptions practices. 

“A letter calling for the extra ordinary general meeting has been handed to NOCSI on Monday,” they said.

It was alleged that these officials have been involved in corruption practices, some of them since 2015.

The statement further stated that the call is made according to the NOCSI constitution.

Article 18 states that the removal of an executive member or NOCSI rep requires a 30 days’ notice and vote of 2/3 majority general assembly.

It also states that AGM is invoked under Article 9 by 50% of voting members whose signatures are produced.

The general assembly by 2/3 of voting majority wishes to exercise their powers under Article 15(8) & (9) to impose sanction by expulsion/termination.