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Fujiyama told to step down

02 October 2019
Naoyuki Fujiyama [Photo: Facebook]

National Sports Federations (NSF) have demanded Naoyuki Fujiyama to step down from the post as the Chair of finance commission of National Olympic Committee Solomon Islands (NOCSI).

In letter cited by Star Sports on Tuesday, the federations wrote to the Japanese Embassy demanding Fujiyama to step down, claiming he has breached the NOCSI Constitution as a non-citizen and taking up a post in sports in the country.

“We, the undersigned national sports federations of Solomon Islands are demanding Naoyuki Fujiyama to step down as the treasurer.

“He has breached the NOCSI constitution article 6, paragraph 4(1) whereby restricted non-citizens from participating in the administration of sports matters in Solomon Islands. 

“He has been involving in corruption and fraudulent activities in our NOCSI and national federation’s level,” they claimed in the letter.

They said Fujiyama has been rallying locals to fight against other locals in many aspects of the national sporting federation’s level. 

“It is our duty to protect the status and integrity of our national sporting federations in Solomon Islands. 

“We want to see progress of sports in Solomon Islands as we are preparing for 2023 pacific games here in our shores. 

“We the national sporting federations are requesting yourself and your esteem office to intervene to ensure that this matter does not affect our bilateral relationship between Solomon Islands government and Japanese government. 

“Based on the above mentioned, we the undersigned national federations hereby ask for your understanding to command your citizen to step down, effective of date of this letter or we will resolve to legal process,” they added.

The letter was sent to the Japanese Embassy in Honiara and was also copied to the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, the Minister of Home Affairs, Permanent Secretary (Ps) of Home Affairs, National Sport Council – Chairman, National Hosting Authority of the Pacific Games 2023, Director of Labour & immigrations, FJ Consultants limited, Mr. Naoyuki Fujiyama and the National Olympic Committee Solomon islands (NOCSI).

This call for Fujiyama to step down is part of the ongoing row between NFs and NOCSI.

Last week the NFs signed a letter calling for the president of NOCSI, general secretary, sports commission and volleyball president to step down amid allegations of corruption.