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Assault mission fail 

17 October 2019
Members of the Yun’s Taekwondo Academy of Solomon Islands (YTASI).

Mother applies self defense skills and saved a life


A mother of two kids and student of the Yun’s Taekwondo Academy of Solomon Islands (YTASI) have rightly utilized the self defense knowledge and skills she learned.

The 32 year old mother who wish to remain anonymous for various reasons recently joined YTASI for self defense training for just less than a month confirmed the real life situation she faced on Tuesday morning while heading to her office with her colleague at Lunga, East Honiara.

“Today (Tuesday) I faced a real life situation after being attacked by three drunken boys,” she said.

“Honestly speaking the self defense training I’ve learned from YTASI really helped me and gave me confidence to stand the really life situation as well as to save my male colleague and myself,” she said.  

According to the account relayed to Star Sports from YTASI founder and Instructor Joses Duddley the assault incident happened on Tuesday morning at the Lunga road, East Honiara.

 “My lady student (a married woman with 2 kids) Practicing at Yun's Taekwondo Academy (SI) on her way to work with one of her male colleagues were halted by 3 drunken boys at the road leading to my student’s workplace,” Instructor Duddley relayed the incident to Star Sports.

“The 3 drunkards seriously demanded my student's male colleague to give them money. 

“My student’s male colleague replied to them that he did not have any money to give to them. 

“The three drunkards were very furious and about to throw punches and kicks to my female student's colleague and that’s when my student intervened among the males.

“At that time my female student said that she knew that his male colleague will be in trouble so she directed her male colleague to remain calm and hide behind her back and that she will deal with the 3 drunkards,” Instructor Duddley conveyed the story.

“Upon seeing my lady student’s reaction of defending her male colleague, the three drunkards angrily turn and approach my lady student face to face. 

“My lady student (mother) kicked them really hard targeting their ribs that two of them finally retreat and run away. 

“My student said when the remaining drunkard approached her in a very close distance, she blocked the drunkard’s punch and used her take down technique which she learnt from me, she knocked down the drunkard on the ground successfully but did not strike the drunkard any further while the drunkard was on the ground.

“The drunkard knowing that he was defeated by a lady escaped for his life.

“My lady student have savde her male colleague from being attack by the three drunkards,” he said.

Instructor Dudley also stressed he was proud of her student’s confidence in handling the situation.

“This experience gives out a strong message to our males to respect our female in all works of life.

“It also sends a message to our women and girls to take self defense training not only for sports purposes but to save lives in cruel moments like the one my female student encountered.

“AT Yun's Taekwondo Academy Solomon Islands - students were taught how to respond in a real life threatening situation,” he added.

He also called on women and girls to join YTASI for self defense training.

Meanwhile, the mother who rescued her female colleague has thanked YTASI for the valuable  knowledge and skills she acquired through the training sessions she attended.

“Just imagine if I am not equipped with self defense knowledge and skills, I don’t know what will happen to me and my colleague,” she expressed.