‘FIGHT FOR YOUR SPOT’ - Solomon Star News


13 February 2020

Call for ideas to improve next TSL


PRESIDENT of the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) William Lai has challenged the local football players in the country to fight for their spots in the national team that will represent the country in 2023 Pacific Games.

Lai uttered this during the prize presentation of the Telekom S-League (TSL) on Monday night at the Cowboys Grill, Honiara.

“In 2023 Pacific Games we want to get a gold medal,’’ he said.

He then asked a question to everyone that who will do it for the country?

“It’s all of us,’’ he insists.

 “Whether you are player, you have to aspire to be the best.

“Challenge for your spot in the national team so that you represent Solomon Islands for the next two to three years.

 “Whether you young or old you need to compete for your spot.

“The coach will give you the opportunity and eventually we must also have a better competition in order to have better players,” he said.

As part of their plan to create history for the country in 2023 Pacific Games which will be hosted in Honiara, the president is also calling for submissions to improve the upcoming 2020/2021 TSL.

 He further stressed there were many challenges encountered during the cause of the league adding there will be many more challenges ahead.

“But as a family we need to work together for the success of football in the country.

“Therefore as president of SIFF, I would like to appeal to you all to give us ideas that will help improve our league to become better and best in the Oceania,” he said.

“So please start send in your submissions to improve our TSL league.

“This will be the priority moving forward for us,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the TSL Board Denton Rarawa said, the next TSL is anticipated to kick off by April or May 2020.