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Ragomo meets PM

25 February 2020

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare was delighted to host National Futsal Star and team captain Elliot Ragomo at his office on Monday morning.

Ragomo made a courtesy visit to the Office of the Prime Minister to meet and hold talks with Prime Minister Sogavare.

“It is indeed an honour for me to be given the opportunity to come, sit and to talk with you,” Ragomo told the Prime Minister.

In welcoming Ragomo, Prime Minister Sogavare praised the efforts and sacrifice made by Ragomo and his colleagues in flying the country’s flag in the regional and international arena of sports.

Prime Minister Sogavare acknowledged Kurukuru’s performances in Futsal as one that sets the benchmark for other countries in the region to try to reach.

He further acknowledged the importance to further support the National Futsal team in enhancing their standard of performances to further reach greater heights.

Sogavare acknowledged that the Kurukuru Futsal team has reached the highest level of competition in Futsal and it is important that continuous support and further development is achieved in order to continuously strengthen the level of the team.

Ragomo took the opportunity to share his visions for Futsal in the country and discussed possible areas that Futsal can contribute to nation-building.

Ragomo stated that his team has made it a long way through struggles but with hard work and commitment have given them the opportunity to represent the country with pride.

Ragomo was also told of the progress of the proposed Futsal Stadium and that construction will start soon.