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SBD$65m ‘Futsal home’  coming

08 March 2020
The architectural design of the Futsal Multipurpose Hall.

The architectural design of the much-deserved home for Futsal in the Solomon Islands has been released, thanks to the government and people of the Republic of Indonesia.

This Futsal Multipurpose Hall will be funded by Indonesia through a grant of approximately USD$7.5 million (SBD$65m). 

The government of Indonesia has appointed WIKA to design and build the new facility under the management of the NHA.  

A group of staff from PT Wijaya Kara (WIKA) arrived in Honiara last week to start the detailed planning for the Multipurpose Futsal Hall.

The Multipurpose Hall will be in the KGVI-Panatina Sports Complex where the main stadium, aquatics, and tennis complex will be built.

The MP hall is a single complex that will house three court areas capable of playing futsal, basketball, netball, volleyball and a host of other sports.  

Importantly the hall will be able to function as a center to support large gatherings such as trade shows, church assemblies, school examinations, major social events and could also provide emergency shelter in the event of a natural disaster for instance.

The complex is over 5800 sq. meters and features 6 change rooms, a conference room area and permanent retractable seating for over 1500 people. The hall could potentially hold over 4000 people in different seating configurations.

In a press meeting Friday, the Country Manager for WIKA Mr. Abdur Rachman said that this project is an important project here in the Solomon Islands for their company.  

“It represents the first time we have worked in this country and we understand how important this project is to the 2023 Pacific Games but also as an important legacy,” he said.

He announced that WIKA has now taken steps to accelerate the delivery of the hall by the end of 2021, this is fully 12 months earlier than planned.

The Chairman of the National Hosting Authority Dr. Jimmie Rodgers said that this project and Indonesia’s support is a “Game Changer” for the 2023 Pacific Games.  

He noted that this will be the first of the major competition venues that will be completed prior to the Games and the design provides the flexibility needed for the Games but more importantly means that planning should now commence with stakeholders such as the National Sports Council and the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) on use of the venue, not just after the Pacific Games but in the 18 months prior to the Games in which it can be fully operational and importantly its legacy after the games.

Dr. Rodgers thanked the government of the Republic of Indonesia for their support and the professional team from WIKA and noted that it is very encouraging that WIKA has moved a team from Indonesia already to Honiara to fast track this project.  

He also noted that the way in which the funding has been provided by Indonesia where the funding is already sitting in an escrow account which is administered by Indonesia and Solomon Islands is a very responsible way of managing the finances and ensures accountability of the contractor and also provides assurances the project will not be delayed due to any funding challenges or delay in payments.

The futsal facility will be built in advance of the 2023 Pacific Games.