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Miss Solomon encourages women in football

11 March 2020
Miss Solomon Gladys Habu with the Panatina School girls.

MISS SOLOMON Gladys Habu encouraged women in football to continue to strive for the best.

Ms. Habu revealed this in her speech during the HFA women’s pre-season prize presentation on Friday.

She highlighted that women can excel in sport whether they are working, being a student or a mother.

“I would like to encourage all our women and girls in football to continue doing the amazing work you are doing.

“You can be a student, working or be a mother and still play amazing football. 

“If you see football as your passion, pursue it, no one else can play the game you love better than you do when you’re on the field running, own it.

“Use it to show the world our culture.

“As we look forward to the 2023 Pacific Games, I would like to remind you all to train hard and do your best so that we can represent our country at the highest level on home ground,” she added.

She calls on the government and football organizations to continue to uplift our women’s football and give it equal attention to that of men.

Ms. Habu highlighted some of the importance that sports can help women.

“Leadership takes many forms, one of which is through sports.

“Growing up I was also involved in a lot of different sporting activities including football.

“I played in primary school competitions that were organized by SIFF. 

“I may not have come to have a career in sports but I can definitely say that sportsmanship has truly shaped in developing my leadership, my teamwork skills as well as helping me to think outside of the box, think strategically, think smart but most importantly to keep us all healthy,” she said.

Ms. Habu also congratulated the winners of the HFA pre-season tournaments.

“Today marks a very important day for our women’s football in the country,” she said.

“You all have done an amazing job on the field and I know you will continue to do so in our homes as well.

“You should all be proud of how far you have come because today we celebrate you and it is such good timing that International Women’s Day falls on Sunday as well, so congratulations women and girls, “she added.