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Women help work on soccer field

21 April 2020
Aitolo women help clear the area for the new soccer field.

WOMEN of Aitolo village in the Central Kwara'ae, Malaita Province, have stepped in to help the men work by digging and clearing a new soccer field.

According to the Folofoloua Football League (FFL) President  Lesley Sanga, the women took the stand to help the men because they understand the struggles the men are experiencing to strive and work to have a new soccer field.

“The women came in numbers to help work on the field.

“They saw the struggle the men are facing to have a proper field to play football so they took time to come and help,” he said.

One of the elderly women Linda Fiuna said women must support the men as it will be for a good cause.

“The reason we decided to help our men is that we have seen that soccer has changed our men these days.

“We have launched community bylaws in the past intentionally to help combat the unlawful activities, especially from the youths however it did not work out as expected.

“Soccer has proven to have had an impact on our youths’ behaviors,” she said.

Mrs. Fiuna thanked the FFL executive for organizing the sports events.

FFL President Sanga said since the Malaita Provincial Government has announced the suspension of all sports activities in Malaita, people in Aitolo village will focus on working on their playing field.




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