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YTASI uses online platform for training 

30 April 2020
YTASI students during one of their past training sessions. [Photo Supplied]

YUN’S Taekwondo Academy Solomon Islands (YTASI) is using an on-line platform to do their theory training since the current state of emergency has been enforced in the country due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

YTASI principal instructor Joses Duddley confirmed this to Star Sports in an interview, Wednesday.

“Since Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has announced the state of emergency (SOE) in the country we’ve halted our training programs.

 “We no longer have our practice together.

“It’s not easy as my students also missed how I used to push them in our practices.

“However, this did not stop us as we’ve been using online platforms to do our practices,” he said.

Duddley said the online platform in which they used their chat group helped their students to interact with each other.

“In the chat group we continue to interact, we continue to lift each other sprits up.

“We advise each other.

“Those who have questions also posted their questions and we’ve helped them with answers,” he said.

He also said they’ve also had the pushup challenges where each student uploaded their push up videos.

“In that way, it also motivated some of the students who started to slack down with their practices.

“By looking at their colleagues push up video challenges other students get motivated and also do their push up challenges as well,” he insists.

“In that way, it continues to maintain some of our students who tend to slack down and join the rest of the students.

“I’ve also posted motivational and inspiring stuff for them,” he said.

Duddley further stressed he also posted questions that are related to martial arts to get his students' views.

“For example, I’ve asked my students what is the best kick in Taekwondo that can cause tremendous force or impact on their opponents.

“So we are moving more into theory whilst waiting for this coronavirus to be over to resume our practical sessions.

“So we are in the right direction with our online programs since everyone interacts with each other through our chat group,” he said.

He added martial art is not only about learning in a training venue but can be taught in all aspects that are related to life.