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Makira Gold backs Real Kakamora 

17 September 2020

The Brisbane-based Solomon Islands solar dried cocoa importer, Makira Gold, has sponsored Real Kakamora, the football team from Makira Ulawa Province, with two different pairs of soccer boots.

The Managing Director of Makira Gold Brian One Atkin, who is part Makira, Small Malaita and Australia, said in Brisbane he has decided to sponsor Real Kakamora after the team has been progressing well up the ladder in the current 2020 Honiara Football League.

He said he has been following the results of Real Kakamora games and they are better than last year when the team was at the ladder’s bottom.

Mr Atkin said Makira Gold will sponsor the first pair of soccer boots while his other company, South Pacific Chocolate Company in Sydney will buy the second pair.

Meanwhile, Mr Atkin said South Pacific Chocolate Company has started blending Solomon Islands Nali Nuts into its chocolate products that it sells mainly in Australia.

By George Atkin 
Kira Kira Correspondent