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More Gizo residents engage in healthy activities

22 September 2020
Youths tryout bench lifting for the first time.


THE number of people involved in healthy sporting activities in Gizo, Western Province has visibly risen over the last month or so and is a good thing to see says Gizo resident Kisina Obed.

Obed said this in approval and encouraged members of the youth in all communities to take up such practices especially during these times of the global pandemic.

A sports enthusiast himself, Obed said this has been due to the rise in organized sporting events held in the West recently.

“Ever since the recent boxing matches hosted in Noro town, boxing club members have regained sporting purpose and can be seen doing their daily running routine in town.

“The same can be said about the under 14 soccer training currently underway that has brought together kids from around Gizo to participate,” he said. 

Obed explained that a lot of kids can be seen hanging around John. F. Kennedy Stadium every day whether it be to train as a provincial representative for the anticipated under 14 tournaments in Honiara or simply to join in the after training gaming sessions.

“It is great to see young girls also engaged in some sporting activities, more so after having the recent launch of the Women’s Regional Centre that has since boosted confidence in our girls' football dream.

“It is only unfortunate that netball, volleyball, and basketball are not able to become active as well, but it is understandable in light of the global situation at hand and the national economic state that is still being addressed,” he said.

He thanked organizing committees and those who have assisted with funds to facilitate such sporting activities as it brings more optional activities for youths to engage in.

He continued to speak of how a neighbor had acquired a portable gym set and opened to youths living in downtown Gizo.

He said it was great to see the number of youths who have visited the mini-gym continuously increased over the weeks and goes to show that given that the option of activities is made available, our young people will give it a go.

“The next big event that is currently the talk of the town is the next boxing tournament to be held in Munda in November by the Solomon Islands Amateur Boxing Association (SIABA).

“This is definitely going to be an exciting time as boxers who entered the ring for the first time in Noro will again have an opportunity to prove themselves in their chosen sport,” he said. 

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