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Young Arrows, here we come

28 September 2020
The young Arrows team members with Hon. Provincial Minister of sports (Left), and sports coordinator (Right).

“Here we come”, is the final words expressed by Temotu Football (TFA) President John Mamua at the sending off of Young Temotu Arrow.

The young arrows will participate on a national under 14 soccer tournament starting Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October 2020.

Temotu Arrow under boys with 12 players and Temotu Arrow under 14 Girls with 12 players boarded Solomon Airline extra flight on Saturday morning to Honiara. 

Thanks to Temotu Provincial Government for making arrangements with SIFF for its commitment and funding to arrange extra flights only to take the Temotu Arrows players to Honiara.

TFA president expressed high hope in the competition although the young children will have their first exposer in this tournament. 

But he said, he has full confidence that Temotu Arrow will make a name in this week’s tournament.

Similar sentiments were also expressed by the TPG Sports Minister John Mark Rupua who was very instrumental in ensuring both Temotu Arrow boys and Girls participate in the tournament this week. 

Temotu Provincial Government he said is a strong advocator of gender balance sporting participation and sending both boys and girls as sports ambassadors of Temotu is a fulfillment of government policy.

Three powerful coaches are traveling with Temotu Arrows, specialises in futsal games and youth soccer playing. 

They will be the eye, ear, mouth, and legs of the young arrows. 

While they are reserved in their comments on the likely performance of the young arrows, it can be identified in their eyes of their high enthusiasm and hopeful that their young arrows will do a greater impact in the tournament.

Leading coach Newman expressed that the overall aim of the young arrows is threefold. One to play a good game and achieve a result, secondly, to expose young arrows on the national level tournament and thirdly he said is to showcase the young arrow raw skills and have some of its players selected to represent the country in any future national or regional tournaments.

Parents of young arrows packed the dilapidated Lata terminal to bid farewell the young arrows on Saturday morning.  

It is a history in making to fly the Temotu Arrow soccer team to participate in Honiara, said one parent. This is beautiful he said that the government can do this for its young generation.  

He believes this will go a long way in the minds of these young arrow players.

I love the TUGRA government he said, you must remain in power because none of the previous government can ever do this. 

He also thanked the powerful member of Nende Commins Aston Mewa for hosting the young arrows in Honiara.  

He is calling on all Temotuans in Honiara to support our children he said.