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SIFF to discuss blacklisted officials

09 October 2020
SIFF president, William Lai.

The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Executive will meet on Saturday to look into the issue of blacklisting of six football officials by the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI).

SIFF President, William Lai it is paramount that SIFF deals with the issue to strengthen its allegiance to NOCSI.

 “The urgent resolution of the executive will be the backlist of some football officials by NOCSI,” he said.

“I think it is necessary that football as the number one sport to work closely with NOCSI to ensure that we have a smooth transition towards hosting of the 2023 Pacific Games”.  

Lai added that the SIFF executive will deal accordingly with SIFF officials to reflect NOCSI’s sanctions on officials.

“We will look into the matter as it’s a legal matter and our decision will base on their contract or membership to SIFF.”

Another agenda for the meeting is the upcoming national tournaments for the remaining months of the year and the transfer window ahead of round two of the Telekom S-League.

The SIFF exco will be held at the Allen Boso Complex on Saturday 10th October 2020.