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Solrais women football resumes matches

10 October 2020
RSIPF are the current leaders.

ROUND two of the Solrais Women's Premier League will kick off today at DC Park.

Four exciting matches are scheduled for this weekend with the first two kicking off today.

RSIPF FC will take on Marist FC at 10am to kick off the day’s football action.

Naha FC will play Solright FC at 12pm followed by Renbel Ibis FC and Haura FC at 2pm and Frigates United will take on Koloale FC at 4pm to wrap up this weekend’s women’s football action.

The current standing showed RSIPF currently leading with 21 points.

Koloale sits on second place with 18 points, Naha third with 15 points and Frigates United fourth with 10 points.

Renbel Ibis, Solright, Haura and Marist needs to step up if they are to compete for the top spot or to finish off in the top four spots by the end of the season.

The second round is expected to be tougher than the first round as teams will want to better their positions.

Newsroom, Honiara