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ATA conducts grading

26 November 2020
Stevie and Alex in action.

Auki Taekwondo Academy (ATA) on Tuesday conducted its second and final grading test promotion for the year 2020. 

Thirty students in total were graded during the test promotion, which was held at the Auki Primary School (APS) hall from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm. 

It was the third grading conducted by ATA since its formation back in 2019. 

Of the 30 graded students, ten of them graded for their yellow one, 17 graded for their yellow two, one graded for green one, and two graded for green two. 

The grading was done in accordance with the World Taekwondo Solomon Islands (WTSI) regulation with the approval of the WTSI President Philip Afu. 

The grading creates history for the ATA martial arts club because it graded the highest number of students to ever grade under ATA here in Malaita Province. 

ATA is the only Taekwondo martial art club operating here in Malaita Province.

Following the grading, ATA now closed its doors for this year and will resume back its classes in January 2021. 

Parents, guardians, and friends of the students witnessed the grading. 

ATA thanked the students for their commitment and APS for the training venue. 

The academy since its establishment has graded 66 students in total in three grading promotion tests conducted at the club since 2019. 

Auki News Bureau