FRIENDLY CLASHES - Solomon Star News


23 May 2021

Lawson Tama Stadium is expected to host a number of friendly clashes tomorrow during the Whit Monday public holiday.

Interestingly, both TSL and Royals football will be hosting their friendly matches at Lawson Tama on that day.

TSL will be organising four pre-season friendly matches. It would start at 10 am and conclude at 4pm.

The friendlies will see; Marist taking on Isabel United, Laugu FC taking on Southern FC, Henderson Eels taking on KOSSA and at the final match at 4 pm will see Honiara City versus Real Kakamora.

Royals on the other hand will also take on Mbua Valley FC at the 4 pm friendly. 

Sources said it seems there will be a clash between TSL and Royals if the issue especially the 4 pm games are not sorted out. 

Royals claimed that they've paid the hiring fee for Lawson Tama at HCC already.

Meanwhile, the annual Rotary Easter Fun Run will commence at Lawson Tama at 8 am on Monday morning.