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Tagini joins KOSSA’s technical team

01 June 2021
Samo Tagini.

KOSSA FC continues to regroup adding important technical people into their team before the 2021 TSL season kicks off this weekend.

KOSSA’s latest inclusion into their technical team is Samo Tagini's service as the club physio for this TSL season. 

Tagini has a vast experience being an experienced nurse and have worked with numerous sporting groups in the past. 

A statement from the KOSSA media says Club vice HOD, Fred Osifelo is optimistic that Samo's inclusion is timely and what the club needed especially for a challenging season that is coming forward. 

“We're pleased to have Samo on board because we need to make sure our players are on top condition every time,” Osifelo expressed.

KOSSA has had their worst TSL season ever in the previous TSL season finishing at the ninth spot.

With the inclusion of new coach, technical people and players, KOSSA aims to make a big comeback this season.

Newsroom, Honiara