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Hockey school program underway

04 June 2021
A student applying ball control in training.

THE hockey school program which prepares schools for the upcoming school sports carnival is underway in Honiara.

After kicking off the program last week, Hockey Development Officer (HDO) Allan Temoa and Hockey President Winky Tee have now completed a number of schools under the program.

The program covers introduction to hockey, basic hockey skills, ball control and educating school teachers to help their students in their preparations for the sports carnival.

“We introduce them to the basics of hockey and teach them about ball control, a very important part in hockey sport.

“We also help teachers to understand hockey so they can help their students to prepare for the carnival,” he said.

President Yee said despite the short notice given to train schools for the sports carnival, they hope the introduction to hockey and basics will help schools prepare for the school sports carnival.

The federation is targeting up to 16 schools in Honiara to introduce hockey basics and they have so far covered eight schools.

Hockey is one of the sports that is active in organizing their development programs.

Like other sports federations, hockey faces the challenge of having no venue to train.

Hockey was fortunate to be given training space at the Woodford International school for their training programs in preparation for the Pacific Games 2023.


Newsroom, Honiara