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Six exciting TSL matches this weekend

19 June 2021

THE Telekom S-league returns this weekend with another six matches at Lawson Tama.

The first three matches scheduled for today will feature KOSSA FC and Solomon Warriors FC at 12noon.

This is an interesting match which will see the likes of Judd Molea, Gagame Feni and Willie Daudau taking on their former club, Warriors for the first time this season.

The second match will feature Marist FC and Vfresh Isabel United at 2pm.

Vfresh United has never lost a match since the start of the season with two draws and a win while Marist will put in all efforts to get their first point following a slow start to their campaign.

The main match today will see new favorites Waneagu FC taking on Real Kakamora FC at 4pm.

Waneagu never lost a match this season while Kakamora won their first match and lost their second last weekend.

A win for Waneagu FC will see them go top of the TSL table, however they will have to go past an unpredictable Kakamora side to achieve that.

Three matches scheduled for tomorrow are Honiara City FC and Kula FC at 12pm, Henderson Eels FC and Central Coast FC at 2pm, and Laugu FC will play Southern United FC at 4pm.

Newsroom, Honiara